Wii Would Like Originality

by Meghan Watt


As a Wii owner, I sympathize with other gamers out there who still have the same four Wii titles that they bought last Christmas. Half of them are Gamecube ports with a few fancy Wii remote additions. The others came free with the Wii or the balance board.

But I regard my Wii with love and affection because of the few games out there that none of the other systems could have achieved. Despite its last-generation graphics, terrible interface, and shoddy internet capability, it has titles that are ten times more innovative than the typical modern day game. Take Super Paper Mario. I might be an avid Halo player, but I will love Super Paper Mario for all time. It was funny, challenging, entertaining, but most of all, original. No More Heroes might not have been an instant hit, but at least we can all admit that we haven’t seen a game like it before. And who would have guessed that rabbit-looking creatures with plungers could have churned out three games?

The Wii goes where no other system dares to tread. While Make-A-Game-O-Matics are busy popping out gruff, unshaven marine heroes and mysterious, spiky haired wanderers for the other consoles, the Wii is sacrificing quantity for oft-forgotten originality.

I won’t deny that the Xbox and PS3 obviously have some great games, including a few original titles (Portal, LittleBigPlanet). And of course, the Wii has its share of atrocities – quite a large share to be precise. But with a seemingly gimmicky controller and a few out-there ideas, the Wii is prepared not to advance gaming but to at least bring it somewhere uncharted.

So what are your thoughts? Is the Wii achieving an unprecedented feat of originality or is it barely making the mark with a few novel games? Do other systems have the potential to come out with weird French titles like Raving Rabids? Is that something the PS3 and Xbox 360 even should be doing?