PSA: Team Fortress 2 on the Cheap

by Mitchell Dyer


Team Fortress 2 is great. I could go on and on about its fantastic character balance, well-designed levels, and incredibly stylish art style, but I won’t. I’ll save you the time it would take to read my love letter to Valve’s best multiplayer shooter, and simply recommend that you purchase it, before Friday, for $10.

Ten. Dollars.

With the recent release of the Scout update (new weapons to unlock for the game’s fastest character), it’s a sort of celebration. To take your money. You only have a couple days to get in on the killer sale. Please do. You’re doing yourself a disservice by ignoring this.

That Valve is offering TF2 this cheap is mind-blowing, and it makes me want to buy it again. And I’ve already paid for it twice.