Box Art Betterment: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

by Derrek Lucas

fall-of-liberty-boxToo many games are released with plain, uninspired, and entirely uninteresting box art that fails to capture the attention of a potential passerby. With Box Art Betterment, we’re trying to improve on this absence of artistic excellence by re-imagining the original artists vision with a bit of flair. Each week, DownWriteFierce will be taking a lame game box and giving it an injection of awesome. Our ultimate aim is that publishers realize that their totally boring boxes suck, so that we no longer have to come up with ways to improve on their missteps. At this rate, it could be a while.

Sticking with the World War II theme from a couple weeks back,  I decided to tackle on a DownWriteFierce favorite. Lead Editor Mitch Dyer’s all time most-hated videogame, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, is a bit on the busted side. Nazi’s are sticking their arms through walls, falling out of existence, spawning before your eyes (and promptly liquefying them with a shotgun shell), and generally being dicks again as they decide to invade New York City. Wait, that last part sounded pretty cool.

And it is, really. The premise is as hokey as it is a hook, but Fall of Liberty ultimately falls flat on its crippled face and weeps while waiting for someone to put it out of its misery. If the shooting wasn’t so jank I’d offer to do it, but the game wouldn’t register the shot. Instead, I’ve decided to lend it a hand by adding at least 4000% more Concentrated Awesome into Fall of Liberty.

How is this possible? The proof is below.