Box Art Betterment: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

by Derrek Lucas

donkey-kong-wiiToo many games are released with plain, uninspired, and entirely uninteresting box art that fails to capture the attention of a potential passerby. With Box Art Betterment, we’re trying to improve on this absence of artistic excellence by re-imagining the original artists vision with a bit of flair. Each week, DownWriteFierce will be taking a lame game box and giving it an injection of awesome. Our ultimate aim is that publishers realize that their totally boring boxes suck, so that we no longer have to come up with ways to improve on their missteps. At this rate, it could be a while.

With Wii re-issues flooding from Nintendo’s production line faster than the third-rate tripe that’s been infecting their console since 2006, fans are getting a taste for days of yore before the days of yore can settle into becoming nostalgic at all. And it shows. The rushed re-workings are atrocities in the art department, but as usual, I’ve got a spice of life that will give this shovelware some serious visual worth.

Donkey Kong has needed a drastic makeover for a while, but shifting genres just isn’t enough for the curly-banged, red tie-wearin’ barrel-chucker. Instead of suiting him up in a white wife-beater and lengthy shorts that most modern drummers seem to find some flavor in, I’ve opted to up the ante and go old school. Older than DK, even. We’re talkin’ before his dear ol’ dad could flash his love gun to a lady ape.

Nintendo, the first one is free. Next time I’ll expect a contracting job.