by Mitchell Dyer


I recently caught a couple of comments around the Intertron regarding the whole One Paragraph Review escapade we’re doing in May. The original idea, as written in the original post, is to review 31 games in 31 days. You’ll notice I didn’t say write.

The idea of this escapade is not to see if we can write 31 reviews in a row. The concept behind it isn’t as pompous as that. A one paragraph review is something I assume to be totally useless to everyone who reads it, as they’re not getting a deep enough idea of what someone thought. I was under the impression that a short paragraph was a summary, which we do in our reviews, or a way of fitting a review into a magazine. So I wanted to post a month’s worth of reviews, all in a single paragraph, one per day, on this site to see A) how writers feel about brief criticisms, and B) readers respond to it.

It isn’t a matter of racing to the finish line. This is a test of criticism in a small space, not the endurance it takes to write 150 word summary every day. So when you see a review on this site in May, and it’s clocking in at under 200 words, know that it was already written in advance of the post date. Frankly, I don’t care if I am able to sit down at 7am and have a review posted at 7:15. That’s not the point.

Just wanted to clarify this for the confused. I hope that this isn’t the impression everyone got.