One Paragraph Review: Wanted

by Mitchell Dyer


Like its film counterpart, Wanted: Weapons of Fate is oozing with style. Spiffy special moves like slow-motion shooting and the ability to arc your bullets (perfect for beaning a bad guy’s brain when he’s tucked behind cover) define why. Slipping from one cover point to the next, you’ll mercilessly murder an unending swarm of assassins in conveniently constructed arenas until the credits roll four hours later. The perspective-switching story is presented as a sequel and prequel to the flick, but atrocious dialogue and a lack of anything remotely interesting diminishes its appeal. I had a damn good time bending bullets and dishing out ruthlessly brutal melee attacks, though, so even if Weapons of Fate isn’t entirely engaging it’s good fun with a lavish coating of cool.

Rating: B