Box Art Betterment: Raiden Fighters Aces

by Derrek Lucas

raiden-fighters-acesToo many games are released with plain, uninspired, and entirely uninteresting box art that fails to capture the attention of a potential passerby. With Box Art Betterment, we’re trying to improve on this absence of artistic excellence by re-imagining the original artists vision with a bit of flair. Each week, DownWriteFierce will be taking a lame game box and giving it an injection of awesome. Our ultimate aim is that publishers realize that their totally boring boxes suck, so that we no longer have to come up with ways to improve on their missteps. At this rate, it could be a while.

A mere month after starting this blasted column, I’m back at editing air combat games. This one, however, is less about using my badass World War II skills to napalm Hitler with an X-Wing-eating dragon and more about flying over blue-tinted airfields in a Naboo bomber (sans tail). Does it get much worse than a plain yellow jet rocketing toward a potential customer?

Not particularly. Sure, I could have simply added dragons and X-Wings into the fold to make this one stick out from the herd a bit more, but I think the title is too misleading to let this one slip. We need to get literal.

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