One Paragraph Review: Henry Hatsworth

by Mitchell Dyer


Considering how fun it is to slice up cute (but totally evil) critters as a prim-and-proper treasure hunter, it’s surprising how frustrating Henry Hatsworth is. Smart level design lets you pick multiple paths, each with its own mixture of perilous platforming puzzles, deadly enemies and other variables like slippery walkways or blind jumps. Upgrades to your mustachioed character, acquired either through spending money or finding pieces of a deliciously golden suit make it easier to beat the snot out of baddies with surprisingly deep combos. Defeating dudes only temporarily removes them from the world, however. Matching three of the same colored block in the bottom screen’s match-three puzzle mode both eliminates enemies and gives you bonuses like health bar hearts and, um, an giant, invincible robot suit. Don’t let the quirky hilarity fool you: Henry’s Puzzling Adventure is ruthlessly challenging and expertly executed.

Rating: A