One Paragraph Review: Mortal Kombat vs DCU

by Mitchell Dyer


Fusing universes is always a risky move, but few are handled as awkwardly as Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. An impossibly lame story, conveyed through horrendous dialogue, pitches Catwoman against Kitana , Superman against Liu Kang, and Deathstroke against Kano. The 3D kombat’s simplicity is a nod to the ol’ MK arcade days, so you’ll sacrifice button-mashing fluidity for memorization. But it’s so brazenly fun to batter, bruise and bloody your buddies that the story  becomes irrelevant. Extra stuff aerial fist-fights and viciously brutal special moves give MKvDCU a unique sense of self, but in the end it fails to stand out as anything but a mindless fighting game. With Batman.

Rating: C