One Paragraph Review: A Kingdom for Keflings

by Meghan Watt


As the first game to use the Xbox Avatar as a playable character, A Kingdom for Keflings puts you into the mind of a giant who must build an inhabitable realm for little people called Keflings. By delegating menial tasks like harvesting wool and moving lumber, you gather resources to construct one building after another until the kingdom is complete. While following blueprints and kicking Keflings may be entertaining, the fun only lasts so long. Will any Sim City hazards appear? Will any Caesar III legions of warriors and elephants trample your houses? Do the resources ever run out? No, no, and no. You just toss Keflings and build as the hours pass and you begin to wonder whether you should start the laundry or perhaps get working on another, less tedious game.

Rating: C