One Paragraph Review: Fallout 3

by Meghan Watt


At first, the vast, post-apocalyptic landscape of Fallout 3 seems daunting, perhaps even a tad boring. You stumble around aimlessly, chased by ravenous, radioactive mole rats and furious raiders, wondering what all the hype was about. But after gathering a few quests, and getting a decent feel for your hero and the path you must take, something magical happens. Suddenly, it becomes necessary to delve into every quest, explore each end of the horizon and fully develop your customized character until he is the most perfect, charismatic, blood-thirsty repair man there ever was. Better yet, make him a saintly, laser cannon-toting lady-killer. Or maybe a slave owning scientist. It’s up to you. Fallout 3‘s devastatingly dark world possesses so many possibilities that even one epic playthrough isn’t enough.

Rating: A