Down Write Daily – May 13, 2009

by Mitchell Dyer

Fierce PadI’m trying to make worthwhile readin’ for the handful of you that like to visit regularly. Matt from Critical Hit has been keepin’ up his game of posting something every day, and I don’t want to be embarrassed by his consistent ass-kickery. So, ideally, this will be a round-up of interesting, cool, or self-aggrandizing stuff that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Indisputably Awesome is UFC 2009 Undisputed, THQ’s upcoming mixed martial arts game. I had the chance to go down to California and dig deep into the nitty gritty of the Ultimate Fighting Championship adaptation. Needless to say, it’s pretty rad. Check out the preview at GameShark.

Old News just grabbed my attention, as there seems to be quite the situation going on with a certain Eurogamer review. Ryan Scott, formerly of Games For Windows: The Official Magazine editor who’s currently doing work with GameSpy, filled his twitter feed with info regarding a suspect review of a new MMO called Darkfall.

The game’s developer claims that the reviewer in question played the game for a mere couple of hours before calling it quits and slapping a disgraceful 2/10 on the end of his scathing article. Eurogamer maintains their stance that it’s a legit criticism.  It’s a messy situation and no matter how the thing ends up they’ll both walk out with a dent in their credibility. Bummer.

OMG MGS4 might be coming to 360, if the rumors that GameSpot is talking about come to fruition. I like the idea of my favorite franchise expanding beyond a single platform, especially if I can earn a ton of Gamerscore in the process. I’d gladly pay 60 bones for MGS4 again, especially if the multiplayer isn’t totally hosed by Konami’s abhorent online service. This comes hot off the heels of a rumor, allegedly originating in Japanese print mag, Famitsu, that Kojima Productions will be making an announcement on May 18, 2009.


The dry grasslands and dark clouds that sit behind the date in the two-page advert gives no noticeable hints, but the setting certainly reminds me of the original Metal Gear. Wouldn’t a remake of the first game be just peachy?

There’s a bit of reading material that I personally think is worth checking out if you’re unable to catch a few Zees tonight. Check back tomorrow evening for even more news bits, opinions you didn’t ask for, and baseless speculation about a stock market sim starring Left 4 Dead‘s Tank.

Also, a major thanks to Arthur Gies over at Eat-Sleep-Game for the badass sumi-e controller logo. That dude is a wizard, and I’m going to try to expand on it in some fashion to make solid use out of it during these regular nighttime posts.

Until tomorrow!

Love, Mitch