Down Write Daily – May 14, 2009

by Mitchell Dyer

Fierce Pad

Oh, is it another day already? Well then it’s time for your Down Write Daily. As the title indicates, this is our (ideally) daily write up of, uh, stuff. If you’re a big fan of dumb things, cool news, and sweet-ass pictures of editors and/or celebrities then this is probably the best possible place to be.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to submit for a daily consideration (trust me, if you e-mail me stuff it’ll probably get pimped here. I’m a sucker for those electronic mails) then hit me at DownWriteFierce [at] Gmail [dot] com.

Until you can come up with something cooler than I can dig up on the Intertron, check out the three things that stuck out most to me today. Please?

Pyramid Scheming is the now-five-years-old Telltale Games. The team is celebrating their fifth anniversary by roping you into a promotional plot that is sure to sell more of their fantastic adventure games.  Sam and Max‘s developer offers up a buck for every bonus code coupon that you fire off to your friends, so if you’re in the market for some cheap games and store credit then put on your party hat and pimp some games to your buds.

Commander Shephard friggin’ loves Facebook. Some wily forumite over at the Penny Arcade boards concocted a hilarious homage to Mass Effect‘s main man in the form of a personal profile. The faux-profile (fauxfile?) is full of gnarly innuendo and brilliant nods to the deepest, darkest secrets of Urdnot Wrex’s dino-balls. Only chatty, hardcore players could possibly get all of the clever jokes spread throughout the profile, so dig deep into your Galactic Codex if you aren’t already crying tears of joy. [Thanks loads to The Grind via Twitter]

Evlijah WolahtiThe Geniuses at GameSpy deserve a medal for this one. Videogame Industry: The Movie has been brilliantly casted, complete with Whoopi Goldberg taking on the role of former Newsweeker, N’Gai Croal, and Andy Dick portraying someone outside his normal realm of intolerable idiocy, Will Wright. Perhaps the most egregious flaw in the cast is that Elijah Wood is slated to play the role of God of War-designer, David Jaffe, rather than his birth-right role, PC Gamer’s Evan Lahti.