Down Write Daily – May 15, 2009

by Mitchell Dyer

Fierce Pad

You again? Man, you must like this new daily thing. I guess I’d better come up with some cool stuff for you to read, watch, and/or drink for this evening then, huh? Since we’re on the Internet, there’s a seemingly endless list of  offensive, nasty, awful things to choose from. But I’ve opted to pick out three actually cool things that you should go out of your way to investigate. You’re welcome.

Holy Crap Mass Effect 2 is going to be sweet. No game gave geeks a space-boner like BioWare’s sci-fi epic, thanks in part to blue chicks that wanted to get down and dirty with your space-marine self. (Yeah, I did make two “sexy space alien” jokes in two days. Whatever). The other part that made ME so spectacular was, well, basically everything else. Being totally awesome isn’t a bad feature to have, and if this trailer is any indication, Mass Effect 2 is going to be boasting that all over the back (and front) of its box.

Steal this Punch Out!! promo thing going on at Amazon. The Wii boxing game, a reimagining of the best puzzle/sports/Mike-Tyson-Rapes-You game ever, is ten bucks off if you order it online. Not a bad deal at 40 bones. The cheaper I get to clobber Glass Joe the better. Too bad I’m Canadian and stuck with the unbearable, where it is in fact more than the standard US price. Man, eff Canada.

Buy Bionic Commando Rearmed, which is also available on the cheap. For one week, Capcom’s unbelievably frustrating platformer is available for just $5.00 on the PlayStation Store. If you missed out on this last year, or y’know, 20 years ago, Rearmed is pretty much the best friggin’ downloadable game available. It’s a satisfying mix of precision platforming with all the swingin’ of Spider-Man and none of Mario’s jumping. If you’re prone to throwing controllers, uh, maybe avoid. But it’s still rad.