Down Write Daily – May 19, 2009

by Mitchell Dyer

Fierce Pad

OK, so I missed yesterday. Maybe I forgot. Maybe it was a holiday. Maybe it was a bit of both. Whatever. It looks like we’re all here now, so no harm/no foul. And if you’re new to this party, well, it’s not all that exciting. I’m going to share sweet stuff with you cats, whether it’s something Meghan wrote somewhere that’s pretty badass, something mind-blowingly confusing, or just a picture of a lolcat playing a SNES. It’s a collection of rad stuff, some news-es, and generally whatever strikes me as cool.

Round one.

Quantic Dream and Heavy Rain are going to be all over 1up this week during another one of their epic, always awesome cover stories. Not unlike myself, Matt Leone has been going gaga over the next game from Indigo Prophecy‘s development team since that face-melting demo/trailer/thing last year. A new trailer goes up today at some point, and the days following it will have loads of awesome new stuff about the game. Really gritty, mature adventure games don’t really exist these days, so it’ll be great to see how Heavy Rain ends up.

In THQ’s Pocket is, apparently, me. I’m so excited about today’s release of UFC 2009 Undisputed that I’m stalking the review sites to see when their assuredly-positive review goes up. As far as I can tell, yep, everyone thinks that it’s pretty rad. I didn’t even like the sport beforehand, but the demo on Xbox Live flipped me on my back and pummeled my face into pulp. So I’m happy to see that the game is being highly praised almost unanimously. If only because I’m super greedy and want a sequel next year.

Bethesda likes money, but they’re bustin’ their balls for it. The PlayStation 3 was a huge barrier for the Fallout 3 team, and as a result, the downloadable content that 360 players were getting a kick out of was totally alien to PS3 owners thanks to technical issues. But no more! Bethesda made it work, and June will see the start of Fallout‘s PS3 add-on content. Hooray! GameSpot has all the convoluted release details, along with info on a Game of the Year edition, a DLC disc, and another DLC disc. Or something. Whatever.

Trivial Pursuit for your iPhone is only five bucks on the iTunes store. If you recall my One Paragraph Review from earlier this month, it didn’t quite fit as a console game. But there are some seriously awesome single-player modes to keep your attention on the commute. Quickly answering questions to race to a finish line is pretty sweet if you ask me, and with wi-fi and pass-the-phone multiplayer it’s a steal at five bones. I’ve only seen a couple recycled questions, too, so the database of trivia seems to be, erm, endless.