One Paragraph Review: GTA Chinatown Wars

by Mitchell Dyer


Cramming the majority of Grand Theft Auto IV’s massive city on to a DS cartridge and slapping the GTA name on the box seems like a recipe for disaster. But Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars defies all expectations, especially those of this GTA-hater. Chinatown Wars ditches the soap-opera storytelling and relationship building of its console predecessor and replaces it with awesome, fast-paced missions that make excellent use of the DS’s touch-screen. Unobtrusive mini-games, from hotwiring rides to assembling a sniper rifle, mix up the wild fun of gunning down cartoony gangsters and powersliding around a corner with a kickass-controlling car. GTA CW is so relentlessly fun that you’ll completely disregard the lame characters and embarrassing dialogue. And even if you loathe previous iterations, you’ll adore your time in Chinatown.

Rating: A