One Paragraph Review: Flock

by Derrek Lucas


With the unfathomable depths of complex, mind-indulging games that inhabit our consoles, it’s refreshing to give your brain a breather and just relax with a simple yet addictive puzzle game like Flock. Growing up in a small town 10 minutes away from my grandparents’ farm meant that I spent a good portion of my life herding cattle. Granted, this games primary focus is sheep, and I’ve been replaced by a UFO, but dammit I’m still going to pretend this game brought be back to my roots! Simple controls combined with upgrades that your ship that help you herd the 4 different animal types keeps the game fresh for all 54 levels. Unfortunately, the campaign mode lasts about 3 hours. But combining that with the co-op mode and level editor makes this amazing puzzle game well worth its $15 price tag.

Rating: A