Down Write Daily – May 21, 2009

by Mitchell Dyer

Fierce Pad

I missed another day, but I’ll blame it on my masterminding. I’ve been thinking of ways to make changes to the Daily, or at least ways to mix it up. It doesn’t always need to be a triple threat of links. It can be anecdotes, too. Or straight-up news. It could be a story you tell us. Who knows? We’ll see how it goes from here, but let’s try something new today and see what happens.


When the hell did videogames become 70 dollars? $70! I was prepped to buy UFC 2009 Undisputed yesterday, and even though my lust for the wrassler/brawler is deep, passionate, and kind of scary, I was nearly put off by its exorbitant price tag. When the Xbox 360 launched and games hiked from 50 bones to 60, I understood. I wasn’t happy, but I guess I got that development was starting to cost more. Three and a half years later, I’ve willingly paid $210 dollars for Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and UFC 2009 Undisputed. Ugh. Never again.



Who the hell do you think you are?

Everyone else is putting their games on shelves with a familiar cost. Banjo even came out below the mark at $40. If Red Faction Guerilla has any intention of costing as much as Bionic Commando, I’ll be ignoring it, too. I’m sick of being gouged at retail, and the rising cost of games is actually encouraging me to rent and trade. Store credit looks mighty appetizing to a 2009 college student, and even then, I’d rather pick up something that is more reasonably affordable.

Whoever’s handling the retail marketing at these companies needs to realize that this “We’re Totally F***ing Awesome” tax is BS, and that people won’t put up with it. We’ll buy other games instead.

The economy is in the toilet and you want me to shell out more money for a game that is already kicking my wallet in the balls with a steel-toed boot?