One Paragraph Review: Chronicles of Riddick

by Mitchell Dyer

Two games in one sounds great, but knowing that the Riddick license is being properly executed is even more intriguing. Escape from Butcher Bay, a remake of the fantastic 2005 game, is a remarkably involved stealth adventure.  The mixture of slipping through shadows, stealth killing guards, and interacting with other prisoners makes for a positively riveting jailbreak. But if you can’t handle trial-and-error, tedious retries will put you in a white-knuckle rage. In the sequel (and second game on the disc), Assault on Dark Athena, you’ll deal less with sneaking and focus on action-heavy segments fueled by mediocre gun-play, which plays prominently in the similarly approached multiplayer modes. Great characters and brutal melée combat make both games in this two-for-one package worth considering, but your patience will determine how worthwhile this badass bundle ultimately is.

Rating: B