One Paragraph Review: Tales of Vesperia

by Meghan Watt


Look at the picture above and say in an adorably patronizing voice, “Aw, who’s a cute anime? You’re a cute anime!” Now play about fifteen hours of the game and watch as the protagonist, Yuri, murders some old guy in cold blood. Colorful animated corpses just don’t hold so much charm, do they? This is what I love about the Tales series. It can be oh so spunky and terribly gruesome at the same time. But personality-gushing characters and an emotionally charged story only make half the game. Add real-time battles (no active time bars, hurray!) and hours of fun sidequests (yay putting Yuri in a towel!) and Tales of Vesperia makes for a good ole package of fun. Unfortunately, too much button-mashing and a few slow spots bring down the appeal.

Rating: B