One Paragraph Review: BC: Rearmed

by Mitchell Dyer


Because Bionic Commando Rearmed is so brilliantly crafted, it’s tough to get mad at the brutal difficulty — death is your own fault, and your incapability to perform perfect platforming is the worst thing you can fault this masterful recreation of the original Bionic Commando. The lack of a jump button means you’ll be using a bionic arm to volley  and across a wide variety of gorgeous side-scrolling stages, but BCR is as much an action game as it is a platformer. You’ll need brains and brawn to break a kidnapped comrade out of a not-so-subtly-disguised Nazi prison. Once you’ve had your fill of swinging into enemies with upgraded boots and blowing bosses away with newly acquired guns you can torture yourself with the 50+ Challenge Rooms. Seriously, these time trials make the masochistic campaign feel like a foot massage.

Rating: A