One Paragraph Review: 50 Cent: BotS

by Andrew Hayward

50I can name countless more inspired, innovative, or tactful games on the market today, but the lack of those qualities had little effect on my sheer enjoyment of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Though its premise of following the (admittedly fading) titular rapper as he brutally kills hundreds of similar-looking goons in the Middle East is frankly baffling, the speedy, points-based take on the now-standard Gears of War formula (firing from behind cover and all) keeps you moving quickly through each violent scenario. Ample ammunition sustains your continuous machine gun and bazooka fire, while amusing features like execution-style melee kills and unlockable taunts make this incredibly vulgar shooter an absolute riot, especially with an online co-op partner on the other end of the headset. It’s a classic example of popcorn gaming, not to mention the best thing 50’s been associated with since Vitamin Water.

Rating: B