Down Write Daily – May 29, 2009

by Mitchell Dyer

Fierce Pad
We’re winding down the whole One Paragraph Review marathon just in time for E3. It’ll be the first one I attend. In the meantime I’m trying to prepare for a few upcoming reviews while simultaneously knocking a couple games off of my backlog.

I started Black on PlayStation 2 a week or two ago, and I’m breaking up segments of that with the sadistically charming Overlord.  Both are decent enough that I’ll try to finish them, but it feels weird to willingly go back and play games I missed with so many great summer games coming up. E3 will almost certainly extend the ludicrous amount of gaming I’ll be doing this year. From here on out, I’m going to playing a lot of Infamous, Red Faction Guerilla, Battlefield 1943, Ghostbusters, UFC 2009 Undisputed, Overlord II, and Batman Arkham Asylum. And that’s just the stuff that springs to mind.

I’m actually more terrified of playing all these games at E3 only to find out I like them.