The Number One (and only) Xbox Live Gameshow: 1 vs. 100 Live

by Meghan Watt


Back in 2008, NBC’s hit gameshow “1 vs. 100” aired its final episode. Or so it seemed. But unlike every other gameshow known to man, this baby didn’t end in failure. In fact, it found a new home….

…on your Xbox.

Free with any Gold Membership of Xbox Live, gamers around the world can download and participate in this fast-paced trivia show. If you happen to catch an Extended Play episode on the weekdays, chances are you won’t find the action as riveting as I do. For some real kicks, check the schedule on the show’s official website to play an actual 1 vs. 100 Live two-hour match.

Like the show, the Xbox version pits one competitor against a “mob” of one-hundred ordinary folk. All 101 have to answer a series of multiple-choice questions. If the main man gets a question wrong, he’s out and the remaining mob members split the prize and get a free Arcade game to boot. If he answers correctly, any mob member who got the question wrong is “knocked out” and the MS Points rewarded to The One increases. So the player has a choice. Either kick a whole bunch of people out and split early with a load of points or knock out all 100 mob members for a cool 5000 MS Points.

Obviously, if 30,000 people sign on (which seems to be the average), you aren’t going to be one of the lucky 101. You have to perform well in the Extended Play enough times to be awarded that honor. But you can still participate in the game as a crowd member. For each question you answer (right or wrong, doesn’t matter), you also get entered into a raffle for some sort of sweet loot like a Zune or a 52″ plasma HDTV.

I have now played 1 vs. 100 Live for four nights in a row, and it’s terribly addicting. Have you ever viciously attacked your TV while watching “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” because the player didn’t know the difference between Frodo and Jigglypuff? Well, be a spectator no longer! You can now participate from your living room couch and maybe even win prizes. Plus the host, Chris Cashman, provides entertaining commentary via a live audio stream during the Live matches to make the weekend games even more enjoyable.

For the time being, 1 vs. 100 Live is just a beta. But it’s free to download and sure puts every other “spectator” gameshow to shame. Seriously. Deal or No Deal was so last year.

Reasons to play:

  • Cortana voices the Vanna White-like co-host
  • The On Air host frequently makes fun of The One’s ridiculous Avatar (Although you might want to think about changing your own once you see how boring yours looks in the crowd)
  • Peer pressure
  • The chance to win MS Points and other cool gadgets
  • Boredom
  • You can make your Avatar dance via “Amping” (Y button)

Reasons not to play:

  • It’s a beta, so the game still has a few bugs
  • You may never actually become one of The Mob or The One
  • Those weird Sprint ads they make you watch over and over again during the “stat breaks”
  • You might have something better to do… maybe…