We. Are. Ghost.

by Mitchell Dyer

GarnettI would not be where I am without Garnett Lee.Yes, the ridiculous fellow to the right.

Former content honcho and podcast king at 1up.com, Garnett recently switched over to GameFly Media, where he’ll take over as “Editorial Director.” Fancy. As an almost five-year fan of ListenUP and 1up Yours, it breaks my heart that someone so influential to my career, outlook on gaming, and confirming of weekends will be moving on to such an incredible position. Greedy? Yep. But this is my-god-damn-blog and I’ll talk about missing his-god-damn show as much as I want.

Garnett really took 1up Yours by the horns, and steered it in a direction that no other podcast had been before. Generic chatter about what the hosts had been playing transformed into analytical discussion that I could barely comprehend. I learned. Recent news wasn’t as dry and boring as other shows made it – I cared about the goings on, and how the crew thought it would affect the future of gaming for everyone. And the community involvement was unmatched. John Davison, who took on a sweet position at GamePro today, who has also been a massive influence on my writing career, embraced the thoughtful and critical outlook of the community (including my pleading for him to regularly say “bollocks” a bunch because he was English).

What Garnett Lee did with 1up Yours made me a different person, as weird as it sounds. From basic uses of vocabulary and lingo to different thought processes and discussions on the biz, the one hour show, which quickly grew to two, three and sometimes four (!) hours long, was the best thing to happen to a wannabe-game-writer-guy.

So, Garnett. Thank you. You’ve been supportive of me and my work for a while now, and getting to know you a bit better through industry events has been an exemplary display of what a great dude you really are. You’re a wonderful writer, a friendly counsel, and the best-god-damn influence I’ve ever had.

Good luck. Have fun. And I hope you’ll continue to confirm my weekends.

Mitchell Dyer