Who’s Your Favorite Squadmate?

by Meghan Watt

I think that we can all agree that Mass Effect 1 and 2 have a wide range of well-developed characters.  But who’s the best?  That’s something we can’t all agree on.  And I love that.  One person may choose Urdnot Wrex because he’s a badass while another may like Miranda more for her biotic abilities.  Or maybe you like Miranda because she’s hot, and you hate Wrex because he’s got four testicles.  Looks, combat skills, events, one-liners, dialogue trees… These are all things that may make us love one character over another.

Anyhow, I’m curious to know who your favorite Mass Effect squadmate is, either from the first or second game.  Your choices are:

Mass Effect: Garrus, Liara, Ashley, Kaidan, Wrex, Tali

Mass Effect 2: Garrus, Tali, Grunt, Thane, Jack, Jacob, Legion, Miranda, Mordin, Samara, Morinth, Zaeed

Also feel free to vent your hatred for a particular character.


My favorite: A toss up between Mordin and Garrus (especially in the second game).  Garrus is simply a stone-cold badass.  Quite honestly, recruiting him may have been my favorite part of the entire second game.  Mordin, on the other hand, doesn’t initially strike you as someone who can wield a gun, much less kill someone.  Turns out that not only is he witty, clever and has really uncomfortable inter-species sexual advice, but he’s also willing to shoot his own apprentice in the face out of principle.

My least favorite: Jacob, hands down.  I don’t care that he’s ripped.  He’s self-righteous, way too forward with his come-ons and always takes the wimpy side of the argument.  “Oh no, Legion might turn on us.”  “Don’t open Grunt’s tank.”  “Can we trust Thane?”  Eff off, Jacob.  Shepard’s in command.