One Paragraph Reviews, Round Two

by Mitchell Dyer

Last year, we reviewed 31 games in 31 days. Each review was super, super, super duper short. It was awesome, hectic, stressful and awesome. Readers’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive, and we had our highest rate of consistent visitors ever that month. Well, because we’re masochists, we’re doing it again this year. We’re publishing 31 reviews in 31 days in May.

Oh god.

Each critique will clock in around 100-200 words. Last year we did grades/scores. This year we will not be. Instead of using scores, we’re going to use, uh, other people. Meghan, Derrek and I will be writing reviews, ‘natch, but we’ve conscripted a few sorry saps to do our dirty work for us this time. You can look forward to seeing freelancers and bloggers from oodles of outlets. I guarantee you’ve read their work, even if you don’t know ’em by name.

If you have any questions, suggestions or other ideas, drop us a line at We love us some e-mail, so drop us your comments and ideas as they come to you. We’re really looking forward to this, and I hope you are too.