One Paragraph Review: Scribblenauts

by Derrek Lucas

Scribblenauts’ premise is genius: Think of any thing you can possibly imagine, write it down, and use it to successfully reach and collect Starrites. Yes, its fun using a beaver to chop down a tree, and to use chloroform on a bully is also quite satisfying, but with all the fun and excitement of watching a dragon fight a Minotaur, the game somehow managed to lose my interest. It becomes a chore trying to come up with unique ways to get past obstacles standing between me and my star-shaped collectibles, and when I throw in the towel and type “Jetpack” to win,  I feel like a cheater,  like I’m an ungrateful, unimaginative chump. I know there are 20,000-something different items to choose from, and that the only limits are that of my imagination. Unfortunately this is where the game feels insulting: I know that I can use tens of thousands of items, but I feel like an idiot when I only ever use 20.