One Paragraph Review: Heavy Rain

by Trevor Whatman

A videogame?  A series of quick-time events intertwined with cutscenes?  An interactive experience with multiple, branching storylines?  Classifying Heavy Rain is not a task I’d normally relish, but there is one word that will help those that require such systematization:  Entertainment, pure and simple. While the inconsistent controls will have your character occasionally perform Roomba-esque pirouettes, such imperfections are quickly forgotten as the player is constantly forced into a series of reactionary decisions that hold their fate in the balance.  Of the four playable characters, none are safe from an untimely demise that directly affects the path of your story.  Though most of the early decisions have less impact on the story than the later ones, each choice feels just as important as the last, regardless of minutiae.  The story has its fair share of plot holes, questionable dialogue and uneven voice work, but the criticisms are paltry in comparison to the consistent tension of sitting on the edge of your seat, feverishly gripping the controller in anticipation of what lies ahead.