One Paragraph Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

by Derrek Lucas

I don’t know what it is, but the sheer amount of pure, unadulterated fun I had playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 amazes me. Yes, the gameplay is identical to its MUA and X-Men Legends predecessors, but, put simply, it works for what it’s meant to be. From the moment I started plowing through baddies as Juggernaut, the only time I stopped smiling was to catch my breath from all of the girlish giggling that was constantly escaping my lips; I knew this must be the reaction the kind folks at Activision were looking for. With an impressive stable of 30 playable characters, each with their own semi-original powers, you can be guaranteed that your favorite character will always have the right teammates to get everyone out of any situation safely, especially if those teammates are your best online buddies. The simple gameplay and  bright colours are more than enough to appeal to the inner child in anybody, as long as they have a  strong outer geek.