One Paragraph Review: Bowser’s Inside Story

by Trevor Whatman

The number of DS games I’ve completed can be tallied without taking off my shoes, yet I was completely enamored with Bowser’s Inside Story. If you’ve enjoyed any Mario RPG title in the past, this game is as comfortable as a pair of weekend sweatpants. I adored the action-based battles, legitimately hilarious dialogue, wonderful animations, and a grind-free leveling system that consistently maintains a semblance of challenge. The variety of quests and tasks never grow stale or repetitive, identifying enemy nuances is essential to ensure success in battle, and the unobtrusive touch screen controls add diversity to an already feature rich experience. The generous amount of save points are a welcome addition to the genre, allowing for either brief or extended play sessions. I can not recommend this game highly enough; it is a masterpiece, and a stunning showcase for the DS console.