One Paragraph Review: BioShock 2

by J.M.W

Bioshock was fantastic , but as a series it’s subject to the law of diminishing returns. What made the original so great was its astounding and original setting: it was mentally and physically jarring in its uniqueness.  The game was dotted with enough incredible story moments to define it as an essential experience. Bioshock 2 plays and looks almost exactly like its predecessor. This isn’t usually bad — the original played and looked great. But what what made the atmosphere of the underwater city of Rapture stand out was its novelty, and if you’re a returning visitor that magic is missing. It’s still fun, much like going to Disneyland the second time: you know what to expect, so it’s slightly less fantastic. Newcomers, however, will find the eerie vibes, psychopathic enemies and unique abilities to be unforgettable.