One Paragraph Review: The Saboteur

by J.M.W

Following the proud tradition of sandbox titles on current-gen consoles, The Saboteur lets you play in an open world with tons of objectives. The open world it’s set in? Nazi-occupied France. The objectives? Blow shit up. On top if its focus on the destruction of Nazi installations, The Saboteur throws in tense stealth aspects and exciting driving sequences. The acting’s hammy at times, but, given the game’s 1940s setting, it gives it a sort of film noir feel. The Saboteur‘s unique visual presentation is cool, too: looking across rooftops to see black and white occupied areas next to liberated locations with bright colors is stunning in its juxtaposition.There’s a ton to do in the game, and it’s almost entirely fun stuff, too. The occasional difficulty spike makes for frustrating driving missions, for instance, but these sections are few and far between. This game is an excellent example of the sandbox formula done well.