One Paragraph Review: Splinter Cell: Conviction

by Mitchell Dyer

The radical change of pace will rattle series veterans, but Splinter: Cell Conviction embraces those of us who couldn’t get into the slow, methodical stealth. The emphasis on speedy stealth and balls-out firefights is a refreshing change that properly reflects secret agent Sam Fisher’s blinded-by-rage tactics to avenge his dead daughter. That story takes a few interesting turns between set pieces to pull you along, but the appeal here is the no-bullshit action. I particularly enjoyed Sam’s Mark and Execute ability; murdering by melee lets you tag a bunch of baddies and dispatch ’em all with the tap of a button. It feels great, it looks awesome and it strikes the perfect balance of making the game easier by working harder. Once you wrap the five-hour-long campaign, the awesome multiplayer has you and a buddy going head to head with each other and enemy forces, or teaming up in a sweet co-op campaign. It’s an ace addition to an already impressive game… and I’ve never enjoyed Splinter Cell.