One Paragraph Review: Spirit Tracks

by J.M.W

At this point, you can boil the Legend of Zelda franchise down to a mathematical formula that’s proven successful time and time again: Get a new item, use it to solve puzzles in dungeons, kill the boss and gather X amount of maguffins to save the world. Spirit Tracks is no exception to this tradition. However, unlike previous Zelda Games, the big bad isn’t the powerful sorcerer Ganon, but rather a pint-sized, bureaucratic demon. And where you’ve had either a horse or a boat previously, you’ll now travel by train. Aside from these largely aesthetic changes, though, there is one notable innovation: you can use the disembodied spirit of Princess Zelda to possess enemies to aid in puzzles by, say, standing on a switch. It all hangs together pretty well, but Spirit Tracks isn’t breaking much new ground. If you’ve played other portable Zelda titles, you know what you’re getting out of this one.