One Paragraph Reviews: No More Heroes 2

by J.M.W

Designer Suda51 continues his trend of high-octane action games with a unique art style in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Improving on every aspect of its predecessor, NMH2 sees Travis Touchdown, a hardcore otaku with crazy beam-katana skills and a serious bloodlust, fighting his way to the world’s #1 assassin spot once again. The game’s style really comes out as you decapitate, dismember and otherwise brutally dice foes in slow motion, with cartoonish amounts of gore spewing from recently-created body cavities. The “grand assassin” battles stand out as highlights. One of my favorites has Travis dueling a teenage schoolgirl who’s so in love with him that she thinks she has to kill him to earn his respect, which isn’t t even the weirdest aspect of this cool, must-own Wii title.