One Paragraph Review: Left 4 Dead 2

by Derrek Lucas

I was excited for Left 4 Dead for good reason. Mashing the zombocalypse with cooperative FPSing was something I could sink my teeth into. My love of L4D created a new level of longing when I learned a sequel was coming, and the good people at Valve did not disappoint. With an entirely new group of survivors came a significantly larger selection of weapons, brand new undead foes, and a selection of melée weapons that the first game sorely lacked. As always, online play enhances the excitement of fleeing to safe zones, especially when you and your buddies are playing as members of the zombie horde. Refreshing new multiplayer modes, like the CTF-like Scavenge, combined with the new infected enemies, make Left 4 Dead 2 one of the more entertaining FPSs that has ever graced consoles.