One Paragraph Review: Just Cause 2

by Derrek Lucas

Never have I been so conflicted about whether or not I was actually enjoying a game.  Although Just Cause 2 only has a few key missions, it has seemingly hundreds of smaller ones spread across its impressively large open world. Unfortunately, it’s big to a fault; all too often your next mission on the other side of the tropical country of Panau, literally 15 minutes away by air. Traversing smaller areas of the map with your grappling hook/parachute combo, however, is an incredibly fun way of getting the drop on your unsuspecting enemies. Taking on the role of a one man army, killing everyone you’re paid to get rid of can be an intense experience, but the gameplay is sometimes overpowered by  dreadful dialogue and painful voice acting. Just Cause 2 can be an enjoyable experience, but you’ll have to get past a few impossible-to-ignore flaws to get the most out of it.