One Paragraph Review: BFBC2

by Samitster

Like another recent, extremely popular, military first-person shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 takes you on a globetrotting adventure replete with high stakes, skulduggery, and grudge-harboring antagonists. But whereas that other game became mired in a narrative whose confusing nature was only exacerbated by disjointed storytelling, BC2 keeps its tale comparatively straightforward and lighthearted: the story is predictable, but it knows it’s just a means to shooting and destroying things — although it’s not without a few poignant moments. While sparse checkpoints and completely scripted enemy AI mar the campaign, one spectacular gameplay sequence — a memorable mountainside descent during a blizzard, undertaken alone — obviated any complaints I might’ve had about the omission of four-player co-op in a game with a persistent quartet of soldiers. The expansive multiplayer encourages teamwork by rewarding it; there’s no room for a one-man-army mindset here. Vehicles and environmental destructibility combine with the four varied classes to create an unparalleled experience that is distinctively Battlefield.