Box Art Betterment: Arc Rise Fantasia

by Derrek Lucas

Too many games release with plain, uninspired, and entirely uninteresting box art that fails to capture the attention of a potential passerby. With Box Art Betterment, we improve on this absence of artistic excellence by re-imagining the original artist’s vision with added flair. Every now and again, DownWriteFierce takes a lame game box and injects it with Awesome. Our ultimate aim is that publishers realize that their totally boring boxes suck, so that we no longer have to come up with ways to improve on their missteps. At this rate, it could take a while.

Well, it’s been over a year, but I felt an itch that needed to be scratched. I knew I needed to do another round of Box Art Betterment

When it comes to game shopping these days I don’t have time to think, which means I don’t have time to research. I made an exception to this habit of mine when reading a title I can only assume was chosen by throwing darts into a dictionary. Arc Rise Fantasia paints no picture with its title. I don’t know what an “arc” is or what it looks like risen. The only word in the title that meant anything to me disappointed when I saw the box art misrepresenting this confusing title. Here’s a free tip to developers looking to sell games: Explain to us, in the title what your game offers, and give us something familiar so we can relate to the game. Like Street Fighter. It doesn’t get much more literal than that. I think this new box art remedies the issue.