The Beginnings: The weird games that launched our video gaming-ness

by Meghan Watt

I don’t know how y’all ended up loving video games so much. But for me, it started with PC games. My uncle installed the first Leisure Suit Larry on our PC in 1987 and, as a two-year-old, that was totally my first video game (super hilarious and awesome, right?). To my parents’ relief, I couldn’t yet read so all I remember is a toilet flooding and drowning Larry, causing me to have a deadly fear of flushing unfamiliar toilets when I was little.

ANYHOW, that’s not the point. After the family Intellivision broke, my parents weren’t too keen on getting another console since we already had the computer, and God forbid we have more than one piece of gaming hardware in our home. So, essentially, this caused me to be raised on adventure games for the PC. Most you know: Space Quest, King’s Quest, Quest for Glory and other Sierra games with the word “Quest” in ’em. Not Police Quest though. That game sucked. I also played lots of Star Wars games. Mmm, Star Wars.

But there’s one little known game that I only recently remembered having ever played. I couldn’t remember much about it except that the protagonist was a fox, it was a fantasy adventure game and I’m pretty sure it took place in some weird alternate future. This is why I love the internet. I typed “fox fantasy adventure PC future” and the first link was all about my beloved game. Can you guess?

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, a title developed by the no longer existent Dreamers Guild, published in 1994. After reading the description, it all came flooding back: A distant future when mankind is extinct, leaving the world in the hands of talking animal tribes. Sounds stupid, but it was pretty cool from what I remember. Keep in mind, however, that I was nine.

I have a couple reasons for sharing this with you.

  1. 1. It makes me so happy that I remembered and I’m wondering if any of you have ever played it.
  2. I’m genuinely curious: Are there any long forgotten games that influenced your own love for gaming? Or maybe you can just tell me how you ended up a gamer if that floats your boat.

Perhaps I’m interested in “the beginnings” more than other gamers since I’m a girl without brothers and a family that was relatively disinterested in video games, so the question of origin pops up a lot. But seriously, please share.