One Paragraph Review: Darksiders

by Elliot page

I worry gamers are getting jaded by retreads of established formulae, and are eager to point out instances of this to boost their egos. “Pah, it’s Zelda” is the general comment about Darksiders, an evaluation that forgets to point out that the game is hella bitchin’ sweet. Draped in a magnificent Games-Workshop-Meets-Heavy-Metal-Album-Cover presentation, Darksiders pulls no punches in shoving satisfying gameplay and atmosphere down your throat from the word “go”. With a thickly armoured glove, no less. The combat feels repetitive 5 minutes in, but the Abili-tease in the intro promises more exciting things are planned for my wee little Apocalyptic warrior War, probably the most put upon instigator of Armageddon that ever existed. I’m glad I didn’t play this game when I was 12, as I probably would have died from awesome.