One Paragraph Review: Nier

by Elliot page

In a genre that’s become banal, Nier proves a little thought goes a long way. The game is packed with surprising touches, little things that make you smile or capture the attention. Every time I thought the game would slide back onto generic JRPG conventions, something happened to give it a little edge, whether it be translucent cutscene letterboxes or a tiny, waving silhouette during the loading screens. The combat and cinematics feel clear and fresh, each keenly crafted to capture the interest. The action RPG fighting feels comfortable, and the menus feel crisp, making Nier more enjoyable to closely interact with rather than something you hold at arm’s length and vaguely wave at to make plot happen. The game starts with swearing, sorrow, blood and impalement, and I can’t wait to see how it ends.