Published Works

I’ve written and published hundreds of articles online and in print. Here’s a big ol’ collection of everything I could find/remembered I’d written!

For an assorted collection of reviews I’ve written, this ReviewTrax list is a decent batch of works published at a select few online outlets. (Includes GamesRadar, GameShark, and more.)

Ars Technica

Dust 514 interview

Jurassic Park preview

Bloodrayne: Betrayal preview


Author page, articles collected

The Escapist

Author page, articles collected

G4 / X-Play

Killzone 3 review

Dirt 3 review

Fight Night Champion review

Dead or Alive Dimensions review


Mitch Dyer author page, articles collected


Crash Commando review

Lumines Supernova review

Space Invaders Extreme review

Space Invaders Get Even review

A Kingdom for Keflings review

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix review

Flock! review

Castlevania Judgment review

MLB Stickball review

Midnight Club LA Remix review


Games of May feature

Games of June feature

Games of July feature

Games of August feature

Games of September feature

Is Nintendo in Trouble? column

Serious Sam 3 preview

Wipeout 2048 preview

iPhone Game of the Day reviews:

Sentinel 3


Real Racing 2


Etolis Arena

Crash Nitro Kart 2


Tiny Wings

Fight Night Champion

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Complete article archive feed


Gaming’s dumbest lawsuits

Mass-murder and shooting games


All articles

Official Xbox Magazine

Collected articles (reviews, features, interviews, previews, etc.)


The Witcher 2 review


Turtles in Time: Then and Now review

Left 4 Dead 2 DLC news